Unlimited Freedom Is Not a Sign of Parental Love

Respected Judges, my worthy opponents and members of the audience- sale promos like unlimited talk time or unlimited internet access- I can acknowledge, but unlimited freedom is something I cannot fathom nor recognize. Freedom is never absolute, it always comes with responsibilities. Even the highest level of freedom has a defining boundary as without it, freedom has absolutely no purpose or function. Thus taking unlimited freedom in its idiomatic sense, and not its literal meaning – I effete today’s topic under debate.

A high degree of freedom rather than unlimited as that doesn’t exist, truly concurs as prenatal love. Humans cherish freedom and thrive when properly nurtured by it. Thus every parent would like to provide a wide and extensive, boundary of what is right or wrong for a child. It’s an art and science that parent’s must master and use in the precise manner. The real worth of unconditional love is tested, when you tell a child what is morally unacceptable and acceptable and low them to make their choices and stand by them irrespective of the consequences.

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The freedom to stumble, fall and fail within reasonable boundaries builds resilience, inquisitiveness, confidence, courage and allows the true growth of an individual. Of course children are going to make mistakes; they are necessary in learning how to be responsible. Walking the walk – the actual experiencing of life with its highs and lows provides far more real education and wisdom than guiding and controlling or Just talking the talk. There is a stark difference between being vigilant and forbidding.

Parent’s must encourage children’s freedom to help build a strong base for future independence. In a traditional Indian scenario often kids are not given enough freedom and thus don’t have a chance to practice with it. So when they do have to make a decision, it may be the wrong one. Healthy communication is at the crux of every parent child relationship. If there is trust, discussion about values, choices and consequences along with clear setting of boundaries albeit long roped- a hill will always tread the right path without harming himself or society.

Freedom is what gets kids up and going. The thrill of being liberated to do things on one’s own is the biggest motivator on the road to success. To end, I reiterate that there is no unlimited freedom and conclude with the analogy of a soaring kite- to let it fly high one needs to release the string and at other times it needs to be tightened to steer it on course. Thank you Unlimited Freedom Is Not a Sign of Prenatal Love but of Prenatal Neglect By guitar