The Deep Web Outline

Hidden information, historicism forums, Whitman contracts, black markets, lust a few clicks away. Isn’t illegal to access the deep web, so why not try it, just to check it out? Attention step: what makes serial killers tick, how is it that they manage to sleep at night and kill some more? 1. 2 involvement step: serial killers have been around for ages, and have a variety of reasons for what they do 1. 3 topic sentence: serial killers have a variety of reasons on why serial killers do what they do, but here we will find out what they all have in common 2.

Body . 1 history of serial killings and why they are relevant(chronological) 2. 2 physiology on why they do it serial killers have a variety of reason why they do it, but they all have something in common. 1. Intro. 1. 1 attention step: did you know that you could shoplift without getting into trouble? 1. 2 involvement step: I have done many things hat could’ve gotten if it wasn’t for the special techniques I have developed over the years. 1. Topic sentence: to get away tit doing bad things, its by either acting deaf or pretending to be mentally disabled 2. Body 2. 1 techniques on getting away with bad things 2. 1. 1 you could get away by acting deaf 2 you could get away by pretending to be retarded 2. 1. 3 things to avoid when doing bad things it is extremely easy to do bad things without getting in trouble, and I practice them whenever I need to. Ever wanted to sneak in a restricted area? Or pull an attention seeking stunt? Just follow the tips that I gave you. It’s fun and easy.

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