The Coming of World War 1

Nationalism- a feeling of deep loyalty to one’s people or homeland O Primary problems in the areas around Austria- Hungary (Bosnia, Serbia) 2. Alliances- the creation of alliances is dangerous because it increases fear and suspicion among rival nations; war is an even greater threat O There were 2 alliances in Europe in 1914 a) The Triple Entente: France, Russia, Britain b) The Triple Alliance: Germany, Austria- Hungary, Italy 3.

Imperialism- competition for colonies had led to too many severe clashes mongo the superpowers of the world (France, Russia, Britain U. S. Germany Etc… ) 4. Militarism- (The belief in the power of strong armies and navies to decide issues) The only way to guarantee peace is to prepare for war.

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O Led to an “arms race” in Europe (steel battleships, guns, explosives) O Britain was very nervous when Germany started building a huge Ana (Canada helped out buy building Britain Ships) Royal Canadian Navy Britain asked the Dominions (Hang Kong, Australia, Canada, India, South Africa) to lid new ships, find crews for them, place them under the British command, and continue to pay for their maintenance English Canadians were supportive of the notion French Canadians were against the notion War Begins With the assassination of the Archduke and Archduchess of Austria- Hungary A Serbian terrorist group called the “Black Hand” was responsible for the killing