Stone Portable Machine Belongs to Customers

Large stone through the hopper are evenly sent by the vibrating feeder to jaw crusher for broken. After the first broken, the stone through the belt conveyor are sent to impact crusher for further broken. Then different types of stone are screened out by vibrating screen. Stones that meet the size requirements are sent to the finished windrow through conveyor belt, while those that do not meet requirements are sent back to impact crusher to crush again. Finished size can be adjusted and graded in accordance with the needs of users. Being equipped with auxiliary dust deducing equipment, the crushing plant is more environmental-friendlyHenan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. takes customners as God, put the user”s interests in the first place. Concentrating on studies of stone portable machine, stone portable machine has high efficiency, high production, good shape and low operation cost, greatly promote the development of sand aggregate manufacturer.quarry equipment take the construction waste as the raw materials, then through a series of harmless treatment, construction waste into quality regeneration sand aggregate and building materials, used for building block, brick and regeneration of wall materials and building materials processing production, achieve construction waste comprehensive utilization of resources, perfect realize the economic benefit, social benefit and ecological benefit many surprises. Quarry equipment is good mobility, high degree of automation,can greatly reduce site occupancy, equipment installation, material handling, industrial power and artificial operation cost, etc .For saving energy, reducing workman and quarry equipment maintenance, and expand equipment’s life span, it is better to reduce the maximum size of input material, to reduce congestion and blocking when feeding, and to exclude hard broken materials. Mobile crushing machine process in the stone production line, the quarry equipment is very important. It is related to the…

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