Serial Killers

Serial Killers have been around for many years. Some of the notorious serial killers have been around from the 196()-1990. These notorious serial killers have made history throughout the years. They have impacted so many people’s lives with the crimes they have committed all around the world. Throughout the years we remember these notorious serial killers, but we forget those entire victim. Some of the notorious serial killers are Green River Killer, Son of Sam, Ted Bundy and Zodiac Killer. A serial killer that we thought would never have been caught was Gary Leon Ridgeway, as known as the Green River Killer.

Ridgeway was not that smart growing up but he managed to graduate high school. After high school he was sent to the Vietnam War. He returned to Utah, where he started to work painting trucks. Ridgeway kept that Job for 30 years. He was married 3 times and had a son. Ridgeway started killing in 1982. His victims were young female prostitutes and runaways. His first two victim’s bodies were discovered at the edge of the green river. More bodies started floating up. Semen was found in the first four victims but since forensic technology wasn’t up to date, they couldn’t match it with anyone.

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More and more dies started appearing and more and more women went missing. The Kings County Sheriff, Dave Richter didn’t have any lead’s and didn’t know what to do. Serial Killer Ted Bundy gave them advice into catching Ridgeway. Ted Bundy stated that Ridgeway probably goes back to the dead bodies to have intercourse with them, like he did. He told them to stake out the place by leaving a dead body they had discovered and they will catch him. A couple of years late, Ridgeway were linked to two victims of the Green River Killer. In 2001 the DNA testing technology matched his DNA with the semen in the first four victims.

Ridgeway was charged with four counts of aggressive murder. Ridgeway made a deal that if they take off the death penalty he will give up the bodies of some of the missing women. Ridgeway killed about 60 women. He didn’t remember the names of the victims but he remembers where he put their bodies. He killed more women than any serial killer in the US history. Another notorious serial killer that targeted New York City was David Borrowers, also known as the Son of Sam. Borrowers was adopted when he was a few days old. His adoptive parent’s were very caring.

They did everything to make him happy. He was very intelligent. He was close to his mother and took it very hard when she died. Borrowers was only a teen. After her death he Joined the army. After he left the army he returned to New York. He got an apartment in Yonkers and got a Job as a post office. Borrowers started killing on July 29th, 1976 when he shot two women, killing one and injuring the other. Donna Laurie and Jody Valentine were sitting in the car in front of Laurel’s Bronx apartment, when Borrowers took out a gun and started shooting them.

Three months later he shot a couple sitting in their car. Later that onto Borrowers shot two teenage girls as they were walking home. Two months later, January 1977 he shot another couple sitting in their car. The police finally realized that the shooting were connected and they was on the manhunt of a 44- caliber. Borrowers struck again when he shot a college student as she was on her way home. New York became in panic when he shot another couple as they also say in their parked car. Eater his last snooping, witnesses saw the car that titled and notice it had a ticket on it.

The police only gave out a few tickets that day. They arrested Borrowers in August 1977. When Borrowers was questioned, he claimed his neighbor, Sam Carr, was the devil that sent messages through his dog to kill people. Borrowers was found guilty and is serving life in Jail for the horrific murders. Another notorious serial killer was Theodore Robert Bundy also known as Ted Bundy. Bundy was very intelligent. Bundy had a difficult life growing up. His grandparent’s had raised him as a child because his mother had him a young age. Bundy believe his grandparent’s were his parent’s.

Bundy mother, who he thought was his sister, took him out his grandparent’s house because his grandfather became abusive. Test’s mother remarried and that’s how he got the last name. Bundy never got a long with his stepfather. His mother had four other children. Bundy graduated high school and went on to college. He attended the University of Washington. He was very shy but he met his first love. Bundy was deeply in love. When they broke up he was devastated. After the break up Bundy discovered that his “sister” was really his mother. Experts believe that is when Bundy came to his breaking point.

After he graduated from Washington in 1972, with a psychology degree, Bundy got accepted to a Law school in Utah. In 1974 women in the Seattle area and Oregon started going missing. Bundy victims resembled his ex-girlfriend from college. Bundy raped and beaten his victims to death. In 1975 the police pulled Bundy car over to search his vehicle when they discovered burglary tool, a mask, and handcuffs. They took him into custody. Bundy was charger for kidnapping Carol Drench. She was a lucky victim who had escaped when Bundy try to kidnap her.

Two years later Bundy was charged for killing a Colorado woman. He fired his lawyer and he decided to defend himself. On the way to the court house Bundy Jumped out the window. That was Bundy first escaped and they found him 8 days later. In December 1977 Bundy lost 30 pounds and made his second escaped. He made a whole through the ceiling and climbed through. The prison didn’t know he escaped till 15 hours later. Bundy fled to Florida where he did his last killings. On January 14th, 1978 Bundy broke into a sorority house in Florida State University, where he attacked 4 women, killing 2 of them.

On February 9 Bundy attacked and killed his young victim, who was 12 years old. Bundy was caught tat February. On July 1979 Bundy was charged with 1st degree ruder for the three women and Florida State gave him the death penalty. Bundy kept appealing his death penalty. On January 24th, 1989 Bundy was executed at AAA. M by the electric chair. Bundy admitted to killing 36 women, but experts believe he killed about 100 women. This number of victims Bundy took to his grave and will never be known. In the sass’s San Francisco, California had been the target of the Zodiac Killer. The Zodiac Killer identity is still unknown.

These crimes are still mystery and will never be solved. The San Francisco Police investigated over 2,000 suspects, but forensic technology wasn’t advance enough to charge anyone with these murders. The Zodiac Killer saw these killings as a game. He killed about 8 people and only 2 of those victims survived. The Zodiac Killer claims to have killed more victims. The Zodiac Killer was known for writing letter and calling the police about his murders. His letters included symbols and number. He told the police if they can crack the code they would be able to figure out his identity.

The Zodiac Killer thirst victim, whom they didn’t discovered was his TLS victim till years later, was an 18 year old college student name Cheer Joe Bates. On October 30th, 1966 she was coming out the student library when the Zodiac Killer offered her a ride home. He managed to get her in dark, quite place, between two buildings. When the y were alone he told her “it’s time. ” When Bates asked “time for what,” the Zodiac Killer pulled out a knife and killed her. He slashed Bates three times in the chest area, once in her back and seven times across the throat. He had been slashed on the face, choked and beaten.

A watch was found a few away. A month later a letter was typed and sent to the Riverside Police about Bates. The title of the letter was “The Confession. ” It stated that Bates wasn’t the first victim and won’t be the last. The letter also explained what happened. Six months later on Bates anniversary the killer sent her father a letter stating there will be more deaths. On December 20th, 1968 David Faraday and Betty Lou Jensen Arthur was on their first date when they were brutally murdered. Jensen told her parent’s that they were going to a Christmas party but they actually went to an isolated place to be alone.

They were parked and sat in the car. They were parked for less t. Han hour. At 1 :app. M an when unidentified man step up to car from the right and started shooting. He fired 10 rounds. The man shot Faraday point blank in the head. As Jensen got out the car to flee, the he shooter shot her in the back 5 times. Jensen body was found 30 feet from the car. On July 1 5th, 1969 the Zodiac Killer targeted another couple. Darlene Elizabeth Ferric and Michael Renault Manage were shot as they also sat in their car in a parking lot. He shot several shots killing Ferric and Manage being the Zodiac Killers first victim to survive.

Manage gave the police a description of the man. He said the man was 5’8 and thick. At 12:40 the police dispatch received a call from then killer. He told the police where they could locate them. He said he wanted to report a double murder. On July 31st, 1969 the San Francisco Chronicles and Times Herald receive letters from the Zodiac Killer stating that they must publish his letter on the August 1st addition. He stated if they could crack his code they could figure out his identity. He lied, in the hidden message he explained he was responsible for the two murders and he was killing because it was fun.

His next two victims were a little different. Cecilia Ann Sheppard and Bryan Calvin Harebell were having a picnic in the daytime. They saw a man in glasses watching them but they didn’t pay any mind to it. As they laid there the man approached them. He pointed a gun at them telling them he wanted the car keys and their money. The killer stabbed Harebell 6 times and Sheppard 10 times. Harebell was the second victim to survive. The Zodiac Killer wrote on Harebell door leaving the dates of all the victims he killed. On October 1 lath, 1969 the next victim was Paul Stint, a cab driver.

He shot the cab driver point blank in the head. The Zodiac Killer also threatened to hijack a school bus full of kids and kill them. All police unties followed every school bus to make sure the Zodiac Killer didn’t go through with his bet. After the Zodiac Killer kept making threats and tormenting the city of San Francisco he finally stopped killing but his identity is still unknown. The question we all want to know is, why do these serial killers commit such crime? There is so real answer to why they murder so many people. Most serial killer has a history of violence at a young age.

Some even had abusive home growing up and some had a retreat child Expel arts believe these serial kiwi kill because they tell rejected by society. They felt alone in the world and no one, so by killing they felt powerful or wanted. Media plays a part, by showing these serial killers all over the news and newspaper, it gives them fame. They know that thousands of people are watching and talking about them. Serial killers all kill for different reasons. Some kill because they are angry, need money, or Just for fun. Serial killers are usually white males between the ages of twenty-five and thirty-five.