Where Will Color Take You With Sherwin Williams creates a world of color. When this ad is first seen the color pops off the page. A huge dragon is seen in the middle of the page, and lanterns are seen in the background. The illustration represents Chinese New Year, I major deal in Chinese culture. The only script on the page is asking a question.
This Sherwin Williams ad was printed in the May 2013 issue of Cooking Light. The ad is intended to interest two specific audiences. One audience is middle class women who are creative and into decorating their homes. The ad also attracts people of Asian decent.
Take another look at the dragon. Recognize anything? The dragon is made up of Sherwin Williams paint chips. Sherwin Williams offers a variety of colors and hues. For example, the dragon’s mustache is created of many different shades of green. This example displays that Sherman Williams has a color for every individual.
The main focus of the ad is the dragon made up of color chips, but at the bottom right corner of the ad there is script that asks a question. The question is intended to encourage the audience to be creative and allow the paint to take them places. Will Sherwin Williams paint make a room a peaceful getaway to Italian waters with Adriatic
Wood 2
Sea, or a winter wonderland with Frosty White? There is a world of possibilities when using Sherwin Williams paint.
Sherwin Williams is a worldwide paint company.

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