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Visit 1 observation
Date: 1st November 2013
Age: 4years old
Time: 1:30pm- 2:15pm
Place of visit: Molly’s house
People present: Molly’s mother and granddad.I arrived at Mollys house at 1:30pm. Molly greeted me saying “Hello” and ran into the living room where all her arts and craft materials were. Straight away Molly started to name what was out infront of her such as: pencils, felt and stickers. Newspaper was placed on the floor along with her paints, she used a palmer grasp to grab the paintbrush out of the water. Delicately, she started to dab the paintbrush in the pink paint and used the palmer grasp to create a big circle on the sheet of paper. during molly was painting i asked her what she was painting and she replied with “mammy”. I could see Molly was concentrating hard on which colour to use for the eyes. She started to change her grasp into a tripod grasp when she was painting small features of the face, for example eyes, mouth and nose. After molly had finished painting she turned her head and said “all done” I could see she was enjoying herself.
Whilst we were waiting for her painted picture to dry, molly took a ten minute break and began to watch TV. Her mam came in and asked if we would like a drink and biscuits, molly replied with “yes please mammy” After that she began to make a collage with stickers, felt and tissue paper. molly began getting frustrated when she couldn’t peel off the stickers properly and asked politely if i would help. Eventually she started to get bored of creating a collage and didn’t end up finishing, so we went to check on her dried painting.
When molly’s painting had dried she carefully picked up the corners of the sheet and looked at it with a smile. She showed that she proud of her painting and ran into the kitchen with excitement to show her mam what she had painted.
Molly suggested we clean up our mess then watch telly. Whilst we were tidying up, i asked molly if she enjoyed doing arts and crafts. She…

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