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Farrell is a kind and friendly boy. He can make friends to his classmate easily, He also has good discipline and self confidence. Academically, he doesn’t have any problem in reading and writing, he is excellent at math too. However, more practice at home will be better to increase his ability. Congratulation Farrell Steven looks like a bucking psycho. Poor lonely kid, He can’t receive any bucking disturbing even a little scary noise. If he did, he will show you a lot of fury. He pronounce every word better then me.

He the only one volunteer I have, not really, but he did more then any student I have. I’ll tell you about his academic, one day I was etched as usually in dance class, after every one got a rest, and every one got sweat. One of my student yelled look for a wet tissue “who has a tissue wet” somebody said. And your kid came to me and said “miss he spell it wrong, it is not tissue wet but wet tissue”. You know old men, I Just wonder how your kid did it. Sherwin is a sweet and diligent student, She is a kind of girl who like to help her reined.

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Academically, she is excellent in reading both Bass and English. She is good at math, too but when she does math subject, she needs to be companies. Keep practicing to show your best honey Hi Sherwin, you fine. But you have to try harder. You smart but you have little weakness on other side. The thing I talking about is when you working on assignment, you need to be guided. It’s fine, but you have to make it better. You were diligent, if somebody give you a compliment. That’s not good for you.

People can’t be pretend to be a frequently. You do as someone does, it is fine, but as soon as possible you must be your bucking self. Tiffany is a humane and Jovial girl. Most of Tiffany friends are willing to play with her. Academically, She enjoys studying at math, she likes reading both English and Bass and also good in writing. Every lesson given to her, she gets no obstacle. How wonderful Tiffany is! However, we still hope that keep studying to improve her ability. Congratulation honey