Nike Ticks All the Right Boxes for Sporting Hip New Trend; Northern Fashion

When I was a teenager I always dreamed of becoming a writer. I also always dreamed of writing about fashion. I never thought I’d ever be lucky enough for that dream to come true…yet here I am.

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But never in a million years did I ever dream that if I did become so lucky that I would be writing about Nike trainers being fashionable…yet here I am…and here they are.

You see, back when I was that dream teen I hated Nikes. I wasn’t particularly fond of other trainers either, but those ticks really ticked me off.

I was what we called “a grunger”. I was into rock/indie music and wore Dr Martens and Kurt Cobain T-shirts. Us “grungers” only ever wore trainers when we were doing PE at school, and even then we only wore Converse (Kurt’s influence again).

Our arch nemeses were what was known back then as “ravers”. They listened to rave music (hence the name) and they wore tracksuit bottoms (usually Adidas buttonups) and hoodies (anything ranging from Fila…Reebok…Kappa) but they would only ever wear one type of trainers – Nike Air Max. Nikes and Converse rarely mixed.

We were arch fashion enemies and you can be sure neither would ever try walking in the other’s trainers for a change.

But we grow up don’t we? Not only do our shoulders broaden during these years, but our minds do too.

Proof of this is in the fact I bought a pair of

Nike Air Maxs recently. The reasons I did were 1. I needed to invest in a good, quality brand for walking in and 2. They are the height of fashion at the moment. You just have to check out what the fashion pack were wearing as they arrived at the past few fashion weeks throughout the world for proof. Gone are the skyscraper stilettos, chunky wedges and strappy sandals only to be replaced by Nikes in all shapes, sizes, colours and designs.

But you can be sure these gals haven’t paired their pair with a tracksuit.

Definitely not. Before they leave the house their carefully-planned outfit checklist goes something like this: PS200 biker jacket…tick, PS300 sunglasses…tick, PS500 scarf…tick, PS1,000 bag…tick and Nike ticks…tick, tick.

These trainers come in handy when the fashion pack are sprinting from catwalk venue to catwalk venue. But it is just the same for the rest of us who sprint from the house, to school, to work (yes Nike’s are actually acceptable footwear in certain offices) to the supermarket and home again.

But don’t be sprinting out to buy a pair just yet as have a fantastic range of Nikes which can be delivered right to your door. So save the running around the shops until your runners actually arrive.

When I ordered mine I have to admit a tiny part of me did feel a pang of guilt and like a bit of a traitor to my teenage self.

But really it just goes to show how some styles always come full circle.

When I was a teen I never dreamed the style of grungers and ravers would ever mix. Just like we never thought designer and sporting styles would mix.

It’s a funny old fashion world isn’t it?

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