Me, Myself and I

The story is about Nook the main character but let me tell you the story, his mother work abroad and his father live with him at the time her mother working they live in wellness his father take him, but one day his mother turn’s back to them and don’t mind them and even care to his son Nook then his father start to drunk all day and whenever he saw Nook he try to blamed him and not himself instead to the point that he used his son Nook as ashtray and punching bag to forgot that it is all his fault why his wife forgot them and Nook was innocent and don’t even know what is going.

Then one day one of their neighbor have a concern to Nook she reported to the police the abused done by his own father he arrested and put to Jail and his son Nook take to a institute that will take care him and can heal the scar from the past at first he came there he was amazed to the beautiful sound he heard from the hut, he saw many children watching and try to disturb they ladled them “Among Bali’ it was Ariel who play violin he’s kind of man who wants to be always alone cause he think that everything could change or back even it’s already passed by playing violin alone.

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Nook become interested to play violin cause he feels comfortable and with his mother whenever he hears the sound of violin. In shelter he learn to be friendly but no want to be friend with a mute, yes he is a mute he become mute because of the trauma done by his own father but afterward there is the only one who want to be friend with him and that is Shirley she like Nook than there child their because he is mute so he can’t disagree whatever she said and Nook feels comfortable whenever he is with Shirley, because she protect Nook from bullying and let her speak for him.

In shelter also he learned how to defense himself but there is the only one thing he can learned fast, his fear and forgiveness when his father was out of Jail he try to visit Nook and try to deal with him to go home but Nook run away like his running for his life cause he remember everything done by his father.

At the bathroom they try to Bully Nook and suddenly Nook become really angry he slam the rock to the head of Bubby when he saw a blood he become scared and run to find a place to hid, he find place in the hut inside the cabinet while Ariel was not around afterward Ariel was arrive with his student they both play violin and the his student always failed in position and the way he played so Ariel was so mad his level of teaching of this college student was for grade four and can’t even get it?

So Ariel said “get lost! And Nook made a noise inside the cabinet and that how Ariel notice him So he grab Nooks hand an take him to the shelter where people searching for him after the sermon Shirley complained and try to explain but nothing change.

After Nook punishment he always came to the hut inside the cabinet to watch Ariel play and copy it, even Ariel knows that Nook is watching so he play basic and try to temp Nook to get out the cabinet he become interested to Nook when en near it playing his violin and en wants to be the teacher f Nook cause he saw potentials, and he is not failed in the first Nook hold the violin he amazed because he play like he already know it in the few day Nook was almost advance in teaching of Mr. Ariel they become friend.

Father’s Nook become desperate to take him home so he force to enter to the shelter and find Nook, again when Nook hear the voice of his father he hide again inside the cabinet and Mr. Ariel was shock of the reaction of his student so he deal with him to take him to the far place where they will play violin comfortable and Nook agree to him they back at he shelter when they assure that his father was not around.

But after a few day his father back but this time he was calm not to force Nook come with him but to watch the his son to play violin in the anniversary of institute with his teacher and that time also Nook forgive his father and he decided to have a vacation with his father that’s how Nook try to overcome his fear and forgiveness and he learned how to get out to his comfort zone and can stand alone with his own feet same to his teacher to forget the past and look forward what on the present – – End