I have choose the company of Boulevard Restaurant. At here I will analyze their external environment and internal environment. Other than that I also have find out their STEP (segmentation, position and target). The main reason I do this research it is because I want to know more the market situation at Mir and want to the how to do the marketing analysis. 1. 1 Company background Mr. Young Wan King, the head chef and owner of Boulevard Restaurant, was running Boulevard Restaurant in 1996, at Boulevard Shopping Centre.

It is famous by the antistatic service and quality foods. The Boulevard Restaurant was attract many people whether it is wedding banquet, celebration of ceremony, group celebrations, birthday party, people always like to swing the election in the restaurant seats banquet. The restaurant wins the government royal standard frame on 2004 and passed the SISSIES identification assessment on 2007. Those things make our staffs willing to create more and more tasty foods for consumers.

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There are various kind of dishes on menu which including edible nest of cliff swallows, shark fin , Canton styling stir fries ND many special dishes. With the market demand, and are very particular about the modern style, restaurant venue and arrangement must also contend with the changing times and needs change. Liquor lease seats are often faced with various aspects of the problems, such as the space is limited, and cannot provide to the customer needs, and the emergence of congestion and other issues, the majority of venues catering restaurant is a modern market needs.

On December 13, 2005, at Slanderers, Young Wang King was running the new Boulevard Restaurant with three story shop house at Mir’. The new restaurant can accommodate up to 160 seats, with the broad wing on the ground floor has a hall, 2nd floor conference room and PIP room, 3rd floor is a banquet hall for a banquet. Wide headless banquet hall, the most suitable official, associations, private large banquets, is a completely meet the needs of modern society and the market restaurant 1. Problem issue The problem they have facing now days are:- a) The cost is high b) The food of restaurant is not HALL c) More competitors in Mir d) Do not have related web-site Chapter 2 Environment analysis Environment analysis also known as external environment analysis. External environment analysis is referring to PEST analysis. PEST analysis is mean Politic, Economic, Social and Technological analysis. The main reason that we need to do PEST analysis, it is because PEST analysis is a useful tool for understanding market growth or decline, and as such the position, potential and direction for a business.

The PEST analysis headings are a framework for reviewing a situation is used to review a strategy or position, direction of a company, a marketing proposition, or an idea. 2. 1 political In the food and beverage industry in Malaysia, the entire restaurant got many type of el need to follow and most of the thing before they need to do and open a business, they need to apply the license before they do. For example, restaurants want to play music at their restaurant or outside of the restaurant, they need to apply and every year pay an amount of fee to run this system.

Other those that if some of the politic policies have change, all of the business that who got related in the policies all need to follow the change. Other competitors have the Hall license so that they can sales food to Malay and they also can do the Malay people business, in this type of situation they can earn ore if company with the Boulevard Restaurant 2. 2 Economic Economic is the problem that most to the industry and business need to tact, it is because when economic down tern, customer will try to save their pocket money to make sure that, they have enough of money to use.

Other them that, when the economic down tern most of the pricing for the product and material will increases, but for a standard restaurant they cannot keep changing their prince by following the economic change. 2. 3 octal& cultural a. Social Social in the PEST analysis is mean the cultural aspects and include health unconsciousness, population growth rate, age distribution, career attitudes and emphasis on safety. Trends in social factors affect the demand for a company’s products and how that company operates. For example, an aging population may imply a smaller and less-willing workforce.

Furthermore, companies may change various management strategies to adapt to these social trends. B. Demographical Age and couture most of the time also will affect a business, for example, a person become older and older thee food they like also will be change, other them that, most of the time we also can see when a person is young, they like to eat sweet UT when they are become youth, number of eating sweet will become less and less. Income also is the main problems that affect people want and need. It because most of them will not going to this type of high level of restaurant to have a meal.

In the Mir market other competitors all of the got many type of menu to attract customer go to their restaurant to have meal . Other tem that they also have may choose like they also have buffet and other. All marketing plan begins with a situational analysis, an assessment of the internal and external environmental factors are to be analyzed which affects the product, rand or organization. There are different points which come under it on the basis of which we will analysis our situation in the market. 3. 1 SOOT ANALYSIS STRENGTH: – Their spaces are very big so can sit many people. Centre between east and west Mir City. – Parking Spaces – Able to cater multifunction (wedding, birthday, etc) WEAKNESS: – Lack of internet advertisements – Niches market (because is a non hall restaurant) be choose – Price is over customer expectation OPPORTUNITIES: – Come out more type of food menu with difference prices THREATS – Strategic Location – High quality Less menu can – Promotion – More and more rule are come out and need to follow and some need to apply license tee in the t industry.. – Economic down turn – Many restaurant have more low cost product 2.

The Competitive Situation The restaurant industry is not an easy business to enter into because there are lots of excellent players already positioned themselves successfully but reliance as an excellent brand can really add up its value in this business. The various competitors in this business are highlighted below: A. Mac Dona’s B. Burger King C. KEF D. Pizza Hut 3. The Promotion Situation Boulevard Restaurant already enjoys an excellent brand name, so this will prosper the marketing initiatives taken to promote its restaurant business. The company will be planning to promote heavily through newspapers, magazines and social media. . Marketing Objectives of Boulevard Restaurant The main objectives of Boulevard Restaurant are: To make the company’s presence in the Restaurant industry. Increases the target market Increases the image of the company To find out what are the problem they are facing now Come out the best solution to solve the problem. CHATTER 4 MARKETING STRATEGY The Company will initially be looking to open up their restaurants in the metro cities and then will look to diversify into other cities which are something as per the long term strategy.

The marketing communication plan originates from the marketing plan and an integral part of the latter. The marketing communication objectives are laid down so as to fulfill marketing goals. In the marketing communication plan we select the right communication tools, integrate them, plans accompanying media and messages, and also allocates the communication budget to various tools. Following are the steps involved in the marketing communication planning process to be undertaken for Reliance Restaurant: 4. 1 Situational analysis Like the marketing plan, in this we will also analyses the promotional situation.

Following are the some common areas of analysis: Past promotional situation: Before that, when got the festive and their restaurant opening, they Just got do promotion and advertisements. But until now they do not have any undated promotion and advertisements. Other them that, most of the time we cannot see their advertisements at newspaper or road side, Ђ Audience situation: Most of the people every time they have seen the food advertisements or some new menu come out at a restaurant most of the people will sharing with their friend and more and more people go to try.