Listening Journa

. Listen. Listen too talk, lecture or broadcast in English each week. A. The broadcast should be a minimum of 5 minutes. B. The broadcast should be on a subject appropriate for Academic English (I. E. No celebrity gossip or fashion news). 2. Take notes. Take notes as you listen. (Follow the guidelines provided by your teacher. See the example below. ) 3. Summarize. At the bottom of your notes, summarize the main idea of the talk in 1-3 sentences. 4. Respond. After your summary, write 2-3 sentences responding to what you Just eared.

You can answer one or more of the following questions: a. Do I agree or disagree with the ideas presented? B. Has my mind changed as a result of what I heard? C. How does the information connect with what I already know about the subject? D. What questions do I have that I would like to explore further? Did the broadcast leave out or misrepresent important information? 5. Explain. Be prepared to explain the main idea of your talk in class. You should be able to describe what you listened to and your response to it in one minute or less. 6. Turn it in.

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Your listening Journal should be kept in a separate notebook so that your teacher can collect it at the end of the attestation period. Suggested websites for listening materials: 1 . BBC. A wide variety of topics available for download including art, music, business, English language learning, and current events. Http://www. BBC. Co. UK/bedposts la. BBC World Service: Learning English: These materials are designed specially for English language learners. Www. BBC. Co. UK/worldview/laryngitis’s 2. CNN Student News. A news program designed for high school students.

However, the language level and topics would probably be relevant to university students learning English. Http://edition. CNN. Com/students/? Ref=lasher 3. Other news websites: New York Times, The Guardian, The Washington Post, etc. 4. TED (Technology, Arts, Design). Current issues, interesting ideas, available in video or audio. Streaming or for download. Most are 10-15 minutes long. Www. Ted. Com 5. The Financial Times. A variety of downloaded bedposts on financial, technology and business topics. Http://potash. Ft. Com/ 6. The British Council.

Lots of bedposts for download on a variety of professional topics. Most bedposts are 3-5 minutes. You may also download a worksheet with the audio script. Http://www. Bronchioles. Org/professionals-potash-English-listening- downloads-archive. HTML 7. Tinnitus. Download tunes and use it to search “Tinnitus. ” It has lectures, talks, bedposts and other audio materials from lots of universities about all sorts of topics. You can search by topic, category or name of university. You can even download and watch lectures from an entire semester. 8. The Open University.