Hundreds Of Furs, Shoes Seized From Home Of Detroit Day Care-Chain Owner Convicted Of Fraud

Three hundred and fifty furs, 911 purses, 606 pairs of shoes, 165 pairs of boots, six chandeliers, a baby grand piano and a crystal collection valued at $125,000 were just some of the luxury items U.S. marshals recently seized from the home of a noted Detroit businesswoman, convicted last year of charges of stealing more than $13.5 million in federal money that was supposed to pay for meals for underprivileged children at her day care chain.

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Marshals seized more than a $1 million worth of items, according to the Detroit Free Press, from the home of Marie Antoinette Jackson-Randolph, owner of the 16-chain Sleepy Hollow Day Care centers, in an effort to help pay back the more than $23 million in restitution she was ordered to pay.

Jackson-Randolph was convicted last year on charges of stealing $13.5 million in federal money and $10 million more were added on in fines. Jackson-Randolph was indicted in June last year and began serving a 9-year prison sentence this year in February.

However, Jackson-Randolph had yet to pay back any of the debt, as a result, federal marshals were ordered to seize the items in an effort to help pay back the monies.

The chain of day care centers is now closed. Children at the day care sites did not go hungry, according to the newspaper. Jackson-Randolph reportedly padded the number of meals she served to get more federal money.

Terrance Reed, Jackson-Randolph’s attorney, told the newspaper that his client is appealing the restitution order.