Descriptive SAA

Most delicious AAU in Aching-Maim Aching-Maim has various food, so when I have a moment to go to Aching-Maim to meet my family, they suggest me to try a local food in Aching-Maim. Then they cook the local food such as Mum prick mum (Northern Thai Green Chili Dip). Also they recommend thought strange things that look like sausage for me to try. The first time I saw it, I thought it’s so simple and; It doesn’t look like food. Anyway, I tried it then I realized that, It’s very delicious and I love it until now.

The name of the sausage that made me wonder is “SAA -AAU”. It looks like a big sausage but delicious. When my parent’s call from Aching-Maim and ask me what I want from home, I answer rapidly “l want SAA-AAU”. SAA AAU is better to eat with sticky rice because it makes tastier. First of all, it is a preserve food so that you can eat it whenever you want. For the preparation to fry SAA-AAU, You must warm it in the microwave for 1 minute if it is frozen. So, if it looks tender you can put it into the pan and fry it in hot oil.

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SAA-AAU smell so good with garlic and little spicy when fried. It looks like its grilled chubby sausage. It looks rough outside but tender inside . When I chew it, the stuff of SAA-AAU tastes a little spicy, salty and mellow. That is the best part. I ever try SAA-AAU in many place in Bangkok, However, it is not the same taste as my favorite SAA-AAU in Aching-Maim. In conclusion, SAA-AAU in Aching-Maim is the most delicious that I have ever eaten. In Aching-Maim you can buy it from Moron’s shop at Ton-Pa-Yon Market. It is simply delicious.