Collin Powells

Colin PowellLuther and Maud Powell, Jamaican immigrants whom resided in South Bronx, New York delivered a son, Colin Luther Powell on April 5, 1937. Growing up in poverty Colin showed the world that if you tried and worked hard you can make it, even better make a difference in this world. In the army race didn’t matter, what mattered was that you were a good soldier. “Don’t limit yourself by saying, if that black guy can do it, I can do it” (Powell 193). Colin wanted young children to see the accomplishments of all races, learn and use those skills to succeed.
Colin was college educated; he earned his MBA at George Washington University and served time in the military climbing in rank to a three star General. Colin served during a time of war and was injured but still saved fellow officers by pulling them to safety. He was awarded the Soldier’s Medal for this. Also “He was awarded a Purple Heart, and later that year the Bronze Star” (John Hurst). He became the author and best seller of a book called My American Journey. He married and raised three children. Colin became part of history by becoming the first African-American Chairman of Chief of Staff and Secretary of State. He was admired by many but at the same time experienced racism and discrimination.
Colin did his part for victory of affirmative action in higher education. Although he was the Secretary of State, the Bush Administrative hardliners felt his opinion was unimportant. Where Colin stood on the issues of affirmative action and abortion had hardliners feeling that he could not be trusted. As Colin held his position as secretary of state the historians reported unfavorable toward Colin due to the developments that were taking place in Iraq. “Whatever the ultimate verdict, African Americans must recall Powell’s major contribution to the protection of affirmative action in American society” (Colin Powell:He Was the Leading Force behind the Final Victory of Affimative Action in Higher Education…

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