Apprentice Episode

Jessie is chosen as project manager for this task and decides to call for a group meeting for Prop©g© Corporation to try and address the tension between team members especially between Erik and Omar’s. Jessie believes that conflict between member will affect the progress of the team. Strain added she was disgusted by the behavior of several group members and that the team had not been conducting themselves in a professional manner. Omar’s was offended by Strains comment and decided that’s she did not want to be a part of the group meeting as she believed that she was being attacked and cited to walk away.

The following morning, Donald Trump asks for both teams to meet him at the Westchester Airport where their next task will be assigned. Donald explains the importance of negotiation and provides both teams with instructions to their next task, where they will need to negotiate the best price for a list of items assigned to each team. Operators elected Sam as the project manager, where he decided to treat the task as a day in a football game. Making Bill, Shame, and Bowie the field players. While Nick would be the cheerleader, Troy the kicker and Sam the coach.

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Nick, Troy and Sam were back at the office conducting research on where it would be the best places to find the items on the list. As the field team waited to hear from Sam they decided to make their first stop in Chinatown where they knew that they could get the duck, leg wax, and calamari for a cheap price. Sam made the decision to make the field team leave Chinatown and make it to the gold store before eleven thirty because of his research that said that the best price for gold was before noon. This caused the field team to leave Chinatown empty handed.

Even after Shame tried to explain to Sam that the price of gold would not change rapidly throughout the day, Sam however said he did not care and to head to the gold store. With Operators being tight on time Sam, Troy and Nick decide to go negotiate on the leg wax while the rest of the team headed out to purchase the rest of the items on the list. After the field team is only able to lower the sales price by a dollar for their gold item, the team decided to try and step up their pace to try and get the most savings.

Due to poor research the lied team was sent to a wrong location where no golf clubs were sold and one where no negotiations were accepted causing them to end up spending retail price on the item. They were however able to score a great deal on the cigars and camera ending in a total retail savings of only nine percent which caused Operators to lose for the third time. Jessie project manager for Prop©g© Corporation decided to divide the team into two separate groups to try and get the best deals for items needed. Group one consisted of Hide, Eureka, and Timmy while the group two had Amy, Jessie, Omar’s, and Strain.

Both teams were divided into even smaller groups where all members could all get along and be able to quickly complete the task. Prop©g© Corporation team one decide to make their first stop in Chinatown where they tried to negotiate the price for five pounds of calamari for nine dollars instead of fifteen but were unsuccessful. Team one headed to the gold store where thanks to their personality and persistence the team was able to lower the purchase price by ten dollars. Amy was able to score a great deal on the gold club by paying a purchase price of three endured dollars compared to the retail price of four hundred and nineteen dollars.

Team two were able to get the leg wax for thirty dollars instead of the retail price of eighty. Prop©g© Corporation did well at negotiating compared to Operators, as the women used sex appeal to help negotiate prices ending at twenty two percent saving. Prop©g© Corporation was treated to a dinner at the famous 21 Club at the Fred Trump table, while Operators was back in the Boardroom. All members decided that the team failed because of Sam and his poor leadership skills. He was not a good follower nor a good leader.

Sam defended himself by saying that the team had no respect for him and that was why the team did not succeed. Sam decided that part of the team failures was because of Swami and Bowie. Donald Trump decided to fire Sam for his poor performance and for being in the Boardroom for the third time. This episode helped me analyze the difference that a good leader can create to a company. Jessie as project manager for Prop©g© Corporation showed great leadership skills, she was able to smartly separate her team into two teams that would best work together and get the task complete.

On the other hand Sam did not make good decisions, he did not know how to make his team work efficiently, he wasted a lot of time demanding his team to do task the way he wanted them to. His poor research and decision caused the team to lose again. Bill and Swami knew what was best for the team but Cam’s poor leadership skills did not allow him to communicate with his team members. As a manager in a company it is very important to not only know how to negotiate but know the team and the skills that each member can contribute to the success of the company.