Maria Rossi
Professor Dicerbo
26 October 2012Abortion should be banned
Everyone should be Pro-Life in the world because people should understand killing an innocent baby is not the best way to get out of women’s situations. Any woman can always give it away for adoption. Abortion should never be an excuse for a disabled baby, a mother not being ready to take care of a child, or rape. Every Life is new and deserves a chance. No one should kill an innocent baby because they are always more options, like adoption, but no woman will be able to take back what they did after they killed the baby. Abortion should be banned in the United States because it is murder of a human life. I believe God is the only one that knows when we should be able to take a life, when we sometimes might not understand why. Life is fragile, and taking one is innocent life should not be tolerated.
Abortion will always be killing a human being, no matter what people say. Every woman who goes down the route of choosing abortion to get out of a situation is deliberately killing a human being. I believe the only reason why people think that abortion should be legal is simply just absolutely selfish. Abortion occurs when the mother does not want the baby. Scientist even think that abortion is murder, “Any smart scientist will tell you that if you are pregnant, you have a living human inside of you, to kill a living human is murder. There is no other way of looking at it. How can anyone logically say, “you are not killing a human,” that goes against science” (dutyisours). Also, if you do have an “abortion” just because you do not want to go through the process of pregnancy, that is selfish, and isn’t selfishness bad? Others just do not want to feel the guilt of not picking up the pieces to help an unwanted baby. They only selfishly want to spend their money on themselves and their wants, rather than to sacrifice some for unwanted or unsupported babies. Mothers put her own…

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